The Most Interesting Person I’ve Met

This is my second secret subject swap. This month, my prompt is “Who is the most interesting person you have ever known? What made them so interesting?” I was given this prompt by Rants From My Crazy Kitchen. Thank you for the prompt.

This one is a hard one to write, because I honestly can’t think of anyone to write about. Everyone is interesting in their own way. We all have a certain quirkiness to us that makes us somewhat interesting. We all have a past that can make us interesting. Our experiences, our memories, our personality……all interesting.

I guess, for this piece, I’ll write about my Grandfather. He was a strong man, with calloused hands that had yellowed fingernails due to years of smoking unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarettes. Standing at well over 6 feet tall, he was thin with a body that was honed from years spent in the military, then years spent working and taking care of his home.

He had a love for baseball that was unfaltering and I remember, as a child, sitting on the porch of that old country house…I could clearly hear the game that was playing on the TV. My Grandpa, he was hard of hearing and that TV was forever turned up to full volume.

At night, he would sit at the kitchen table and play solitaire for hours. Just sitting there, smoking his cigarettes and playing cards, every so often humming to himself.

Hugging him, you were enveloped with the a mixture of Old Spice, Folgers (black, thanks), and nicotine. That man would wrap his arms around you and squeeze just so.

He always had a story to tell, be it from his youth to his time spent in the military to just telling you about a story he’d read in the paper. Every story was told with excitement and a zeal found no where else.

He never attended church with my Grandma, but before he passed on, 8 years after his true love left this Earth, he was saved by the preacher from the old Southern Baptist church his beloved attended.

A lot of his zest for life left when my Grandma died. He had an unfaltering love for her. He passed just days before their 57th wedding anniversary and I know…I KNOW that he did it because he just couldn’t hold on anymore. She was waiting on him.

To some, he may have been mundane, but to me……..he was far from it.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Person I’ve Met

  1. What you say in the beginning is so true, there’s much that’s interesting about everyone. But your ultimate choice is very special. It’s not just filled with great memories, but a loving tribute to a man who obviously meant a lot to you.

  2. What great memories you have of your grandfather. I have to admit I choked up a bit when I read “a mixture of Old Spice, Folgers and nicotine”; sounds just like my grandpa. And Hallelujah for his salvation; better late than never, right? Wonderful post 🙂

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