The Journey To Myself

It will begin on January 6.

I start every new journey on a Monday. It’s the start of a new week for me, so I figure it’s a perfect day to start a new journey.

In the past, when I start my journeys, I end up turning around before the month is out.

Not this time.

No sir.

It is time for me to really make this happen, because I need to get past this feeling of hatred I have for myself and find the me that is lost.

This blog will become more active, just a heads up for you guys. I will be posting a weekly progress report. I can’t figure out how I’m going to post pictures without revealing who I am, but I will. I am excited to start down this path, because I plan to do something pretty cool. I’m going to take weekly pictures of my face, so I can document the change when I reach my goal.

Here’s to me.


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